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The answer is in the detail - Don't listen to or rely on the local pub "tax
expert" as small differences in facts can give entirely different considerations
and results. Tax doesn't have to be taxing.... but it is.

Hopefully the pages on this website will give you a flavour of the current state of
play but there is nothing to beat engaging with somebody that knows where
HMRC are likely to go before they even get there.

Feel free to browse the pages (also see search function below and on
Articles of
Interest)  and you might get an idea of the value provided by Bill Stevenson.
Testimonials can also let you know what others have said about the
standard of service provided.

Our aim will be to get you the earliest and most effective possible closure of your
enquiry - whether a Full Investigation or only an Aspect Enquiry  - that is
possible within the law.

Bill Stevenson will deal with all matters personally.
He is an Ex HMRC Enquiry Branch /SCO/CIF Senior Investigator
District Inspector - SE England and Scotland
Large Business Specialist Team leader &  Offshore Consultant
Business learning manager (For training Fully Trained Inspectors)

and he has been helping on the good side since 2006 with effective
results based on his 47+ years of tax knowledge
(including high wealth and directors of both small and quoted companies
and resident/non-resident/domiciled/non-dom),

Self employed
(individuals and/or  partnerships - small or large - doctors/dentists),

(all types being close {family or closely controlled}  or quoted companies -
large or small  )

Bill Stevenson is well equipped to help you

Let Me take the stress out of your HMRC ("old" Inland Revenue or
Customs & Excise) Enquiries and Investigations

Professional Accountants & Tax Advisors  :-
feel free to contact me on 07751720507 on a 24/7 basis
for the benefit of Bill's experience and assistance
with your own or client's problems.
Bill is prepared to work in the background or take as high a
profile as you and your client wish to get the enquiry settled as
effectively as possible.
Bill's fees are probably less than yours so there might be  a
turn for you in engaging Bill to add that Tax Investigation
Specialist to your office when you need it.

Bill keeps his fees below the Vatable limit by selecting his
cases and to save direct clients the governments worthless
20% VAT stealth taxes. So let your client engage me directly
for the specific enquiry etc work while you retain your day to
day work

Contact me
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01224 658962
(with Office Hours fax if phoning in advance)
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There is no substitute for
experience and knowledge
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